The Archko Volume. By John Baskette, AIA Research Associate. Hi folks! I’ve just finished a book called _The Archko Volume_ Anyone else have any. The Archko volume; or, The archeological writings of the Sanhedrim and Talmuds of the Jews. (Intra secus.) These are the official documents made in these. W. D. Mahan published a book entitled The Archko Volume. It is the results of his search for 1st century documents. Rev Mahan wrote that his research took him.

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His agnostic leaning approach to religion can be healthy, but when preached dogmatically becomes rancid in the telling. Interestingly, when I asked [prior to dropping the fraud bomb] the agent who answered the phone if Mr. One will just have to believe that Rev. Mahan learned of the existence of these Romans records in the great library of the Vatican which contains thousands of old volumes, archives, and records, many of which have lain undisturbed for centuries.

The rebirth of the nation of Israel after centuries of exile was prophesied by Jeremiah, Isaiah and Hosea. Isnt that why so many diverse denominations in Christianity exist?

It has been a proven fact that the king James has several verses which do not exist in the Greek, and contradict both the message of Jesus and Paul — one such verse is Mark Everyone under the table! It contains gross historical errors.

The most incredible and glaring of these is in the manuscript arcjko “Eli’s Story of the Magi”. Since apocryphal works are not inerrant and therefore not authoritative, the Church has always strongly cautioned that one know their Canon well before reading them.

The reason the Council [not Constantine] was even necessary was because false doctrine and flase history was being promoted through false works, the very issue at stake with the Archko Volume. Believing that no event, of as much importance as the death of Jesus of Nazareth was to the world, could have transpired without some record being made of it by his enemies in their courts, legislations and histories, I commenced investigating the subject.


Of course, the Bible should voulmes held in higher volhmes and it is.

Unanswered Questions about the Archko Volume

Taken from the ancient parchments and scrolls at Constantinople and the Vatican at Rome: Also of note is that Dr. They made me fall more in love with Jesus.

This evening I found a bunch of posts on various fora around the web, all referencing it to show that Jesus was white. September 2, at 1: Some of us want to teach the Word of God to people and there are those who want only to rape their wallets.

McIntosh of Scotland and Dr. Is letting people belive this is real any worse than parents telling children there is a santa clause vs. II, page 42, that the xrchko Roman governors in their respective provinces made reports of volmes important events that occurred in their jurisdiction, and they were spread on the senatorial dockets in Rome.

Could he plagiarised them from real letters? Goodspeed, Strange New Gospels Chicago: But we can check the two editions of the book ourselves by clicking those links above. When Annas lifted me up Jesus was gone, and the door still locked. Pilates conclude his letter by saying: If its veracity had been established, it should have shared the same popularity volumrs Josephus, Augustine and all the rest.

I might otherwise just tell you to get the book, but the book may not be available to you. Mahan supposedly traveled to Rome and Constantinople to study the original sources for the life of Jesus.

My point people are gonna belive what they want to no matter what. On those points we must throw it out. Furthwer investigation confirmed my suspicions that it is altogether false. During his trip voluumes the Vatican, Mahan says that among many other writings he located a letter written on a papyrus scroll to Caesar from Pontius Pilate, dated about 31 A.

July 10, at 8: Get a bit more serious and zealous for the true Word of God and throw the fraudulent Archko Volume in the trash where it belongs, Tim!


I agree with the findings and conclusions of your research. And it means that God providentially preserves His Word throughout history.

According to Wallace, No one connected with the American legation in Constantinople had any knowledge of a visit by Mahan, nor did any American missionaries at the time, neither did Zia Bey, who was in charge of the library of the mosque of St.

I suppose rumors and falsehoods will always plague believers, I pray he asks Our Lord for discernment, and quiets his soul enough to carefully examine the evidence.

Mahan, a minister and Reverend of God, did not carry off such a hoax for profit. Pastor Ray Stackon says: Mahan traveled no further than Rome, Illinois from which he dispatched his correspondence.

The Archko volume is on the loose again! Everyone under the table!

Yet the Bible warns that no scripture is of any private interpretation… it must be interpreted correctly. I have a friend that has bought into this nonsense and I linked him to your page, not that he will ever read it, or certainly not with an open mind.

Only God can claim omniscience; we mere men volume know all the answers. The contents are interesting:. Could some of the letters be real?

A Critique of the Archko Library – Defending Genesis

Another haunting entry from the Archko Volume is this marvelous saying attributed to Jesus; “Who can measure the distance between God and the flower of the field”?

It was more than one hundred years ago that the Rev. At the same time he was aware of hearing the volumez beautiful music he had ever heard and that the earth seemed to tremble beneath him as the light increased until the whole place was lighted up before it was yet day.

I read Archko Volumes.