73 quotes from Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing: ‘I detach myself from preconceived outcomes and trust that all is. In this truly inspirational memoir, Anita Moorjani relates how, after fighting cancer for almost four years, her body began shutting down—overwhelmed by the. Editorial Reviews. Review. As a doctor, this book peaked my interest, our current medicine Dying to Be Me – Kindle edition by Anita Moorjani. Download it once .

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I wo I am almost finished with this book and feel extremely excited about it.

Anita Moorjani

Being a cancer survivor myself, I understood her shock and anger in the beginning. I hope to see a documentary about Anita on TV so that her message even though it’s clear from her writing she doesn’t intend to be a spiritual guru gets to as many people as possible. Moorjani had large lemon sized tumors all over her upper body from her neck to her abdomen. I guess I would like there to be a heaven and a hell, I want people to pay for their crimes, it really sickens me that there might not be any recourse after we die, especially for those that may not have been caught and punished for their crimes in this life.

Religion is not truth. I think what one does in this life does matter so the rest is just nonsense to me. Someone has to get up early, pack the VW van, buy the sugar donuts and chocolate milk, wax the board, slip on the wetsuit, and drive to the beach in the pre-morning darkness. I was riveted by Anita’s story, and could not put it down. Her story came to the attention of American self-help author, Dr.


Although I appreciate these insights, they would have been more powerful had Moorjani’s personal story leading up to the NDE been better told.

Taking time out for ourselves throughout the day! You can take what you like from this, and leave what doesn’t serve you. Glass half-empty truthfully, more like two-thirds-empty: I am happy that she was healed and chose to come back to share her message and I love what she says about how we are all love and we are all connected and that we just need to learn to love ourselves more. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view.

Now, thanks to this book, I have a clear way to continue that, a simple reminder to make sure I am “living inside out”- Am I acting out of passion or fear?

Moorjani waits until p. However, miraculous things happen every day without an NDE taking place.

It is important to leave yourself open to all possibilities and be willing to suspend belief and disbelief and sit with uncertainty. But that didn’t happen. She is a beautiful soul, and says she was told we are all beautiful souls – no mokrjani more or less than the other.

Dying to Be Me Quotes by Anita Moorjani

Love yourself no matter what for no reason other than because you are here. It’s very life-affirming, empowering, and uplifting. One of b things that bothered me most though was the author being incredibly vague purposely? She recovered from stage four cancer after her NDE. Personally, I really relate to her life and way of thinking prior to her being diagnosed with cancer, so this is a big wake-up call for me. You won’t agree with all of them but the ones you take on will surely change your life.


It is just a path. At times, I found it quite nauseating as she keeps going on and on about her ‘magnificence’. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Wayne Dyerwho contacted his publishers, Hay Houseasking them to locate Moorjani and suggest that she write a book, which they would publish. And avoiding being judgmental is a fine recipe for getting along with your spouse, but you need judgment to choose which socks to wear. Within these pages, Anita recounts stories of her childhood in Hong Kong, her challenge to establish her career and find true love, as well as how she eventually ended up in that hospital bed where she defied all medical knowledge.

This could have been a wushu washy self help book, but it’s NOT! It’s just that our actions stem from following our emotions and feelings while staying present in the moment. Thank you, Anita Moorjani, for your wonderful book! Anita is very clear that what works for her may not work for everyone.

I didn’t buy it. It is possible that she was chosen to suffer close to death and have the NDE in order to come back and have her story serve as validation for the rest of us. Retrieved 21 March