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AGMA B Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing. standard by American Gear Manufacturers Association,. View all product details. Most Recent . 8 Aug AGMA B05 – Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing/钢制齿轮冶金技术 条件. AGMA Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing. AGMA Revision B05, May 3, Complete Document. Metallurgical Specifications for Steel.

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As noted previously, macro stringer inclusions are typically an order of magnitude less frequent than globular oxides and therefore much less likely to be in a agma b05 area compared to one or more critically sized globular oxides.

Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics

Modern electric arc furnace EAF and vacuum refining VR steelmaking technologies have enabled steelmakers to improve steel oxide inclusion cleanness to levels that rival vacuum arc re-melted VAR steels at a fraction of the cost.

These analytical techniques and their resulting outputs are described in the following two sections. Because each element has a unique atomic structure, each element has a unique set of peaks 923-h05 its X-ray emission spectrum.

Monte Carlo simulations were run comparing Ultrapremium to SBQ 1 and SBQ 2 in order to assess the potential for light weighting Figure 12 or increased torque capacity Figure 13 while maintaining fatigue performance.

Micro inclusions at the surface of a gear can be directly considered from these data, while doing so for stringers would require that the gear be machined from bar stock such that all stressed surfaces are 923-b0 the original longitudinal plane to be directly aagma. While stringers do agma b05 to be larger and therefore more injurious when present in a critically loaded location, it is agma b05 more probable that an injurious micro inclusion will be located in a agmw location compared to a stringer.

The ability to fully characterize the geometric and chemical characteristics of micro and macro oxide inclusion populations using automated image analysis SEM allows the steelmaker to understand how practices employed in the melting and teaming pouring and solidification of the steel affect oxide cleanness. Zgma standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this document are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the agmw recent editions 923-n05 the standards shown below.

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Note that cleaner steels will have a larger mean-free path between globular inclusions and stringers. As a result of these inclusions amplifying local stresses, these gears exhibited a lower fatigue performance index. This is a good assumption with micro globular oxide inclusions but clearly does not work for macro stringer oxide inclusions. With SEV analysis, one can use the aagma of inclusions measured on a limited, but statistically robust set of samples to predict a worst case or maximum amga inclusion size.

Future of gear design relies on overcoming present. The presence of hard oxide inclusions can result in fatigue failures. The Saltykov method assumes that the features being addressed are all spherical. The inset pictures from the gear failure illustrate how this LEFM data relates to the gear failure. The statistics of extreme values SEV can be used to predict the single largest inclusion likely in the steel, enabling the gear design engineer to consider the worst-case inclusion.

This well-established science applies the physics of solid mechanics stress and strain and the physics of energetic fracture processes to calculate the driving force for propagation of cracks in materials and predict crack behavior.

Heat treating low alloy PM steels October 15, View all product details.

Murakami proposes that a 30, mm 2 be used, which equates to a reduced variate value of 5. Oxide particles in steel typically consist of aluminum, magnesium, calcium, or silicon oxide compounds or phases. The results indicate agma b05 a 12 to 30 percent weight reduction can be achieved with Ultrapremium steel or a 10 to 35 percent increase in torque capacity with the same gear using Ultrapremium steel.

We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. The presence of hard oxide inclusions can result in fatigue failures. Steels rated with this method 923b05 meeting the AGMA grade 3 requirements can have very different inclusion populations when examined more closely. ag,a


Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics | Gear Solutions Magazine Your Resource to the Gear Industry

These techniques are also well-suited for incorporation into gear computational analysis tools in order to make predictions. The results indicate that a 12 to 30 percent weight reduction can be achieved with Ultrapremium steel or a 10 to 35 percent increase in torque capacity with the same gear using Ultrapremium steel. The field size used for rating is 0. Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored.

The formula for calculating the volume density, N Vfor each range N V j is then:. A total reference area A tot is selected, which is used to provide a limit for performing an extrapolation of the data set in order to predict the SEV value. One can also assess the rate of crack growth rate when K th is exceeded and the plane strain fracture toughness, or K 1Cwhere a crack becomes unstable and the component or test coupon fails.

The Saltykov [9] method is a popular and frequently used method to convert area density of spheres to volume density. This information sheet identifies specifications and requirements for various metallurgical quality grades for through hardened, carburize and hardened, induction and flame hardened, and nitrided gearing.

These 48 metallurgical samples are prepared on the longitudinal plane and polished.

View all product details. Figure 9 illustrates the progression of a gear tooth bending fatigue failure as a result of a globular oxide micro inclusion. Figure 2 shows an example of a Z-contrast SEM image of inclusions in steel. Figure 4 compares the sum of micro oxide inclusions greater than 10 and 20 mm square root area, and Figure 5 compares the sum of stringer oxide inclusions ag,a than and mm in length.