A Comprehensive Tutorial to Subbing Pt 1: Aegisub Program There is no question that Aegisub is a powerful and great tool for making subtitles. Authôt offers you a complete tutorial of the free Aegisub software to synchronize your subtitles to your videos in a few clicks | Test. Welcome to the CMBT Tutorial series. This will take you through the basics of timing a movie, using the Aegisub software. Required Programs.

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As an old timer, I’ve gotta say it’s more about a good eye rather than ear. You can play around with the Miscellaneous optionsbut they’re really important only when doing visual typesetting. Play with them so you know how the zoom function works. Your right tutoriao stays at the mouse, and clicks as needed. Give your subtitle a name, for example: If you’ve done all of the previous steps above, Aegisub should look just like the screenshot above. Let’s ttuorial 80 for Shadow, and leave everything else as 0.

However, it is recommended to rework the synchronization manually in order to comply with the different subtitling rules.


I suggest you keep this OFF. Let’s get familiar with the areas. Computers and Electronics Print Edit Send fan mail to authors.

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Save the movie you’re going to transcribe in there. T Where you hear the start of the singing “Kimi sae Again, set this higher for more precision, but you also get more noise if you do so. Correct end time by right-clicking. Please note that if you typed something into the text box, and double-click another line without committing, you will lose your changes! To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. We remind you that our teams offer you additional services for synchronization and subtitling of your video.

Basically volume, how loud something is.

Tutorials – Aegisub Manual

This is stored in your computer, and not on the ASS subtitle file. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them?

The middle right side is the text area where you type in whatever you’re timing. Once all this is done, you should see your video appears at the top left, with the subtitles below. Type the desired text in tutoriial box.

3 Ways to Create Subtitles Using Aegisub – wikiHow

Timeline This is the area where your subtitles and the associated time codes will show. In the same way, you can copy styles already saved in your computer to any new subtitle script you make. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Don’t forget to save your work! The bars on the right of the audio stream are zooming tools.


Put in the next few lines to complete subtitling this song. A quick way to do this is to click on the first line line 1, Kimi sae Let’s change this into something more attractive! Ageisub the normal audio waveform view, the green color represents amplitude.

Now, select all your subtitled lines. Q to play milliseconds before the start time. The column will turn pink to red when the CPS exceeds 15, so it is advisable to follow these recommendations, which are intended to make it easier to read the subtitles. Except for single-words aegisyb “Hai” Yes or “Liu kai” Understood.