Nathaniel Rich reviews book Angry Black White Boy: Or, The Miscegenation of Macon Detornay by Adam Mansbach; drawing (M). Intersection for the Arts’ new play “Angry Black White Boy,” based on local author Adam Mansbach’s celebrated novel, blasts through. Adam Mansbach’s Angry Black White Boy Adam Mansbach’s novel Angry Black White Boy, or The. Miscegenation of Macon Detomay. In light of the recent .

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The core of the novel–Macon’s character and his erudite, impotent anger–rings very true. Only God is that forgiving. But in the end, what they had to say, in all its semi-stilted silliness, was more interesting than my discomfort.

Angry Black White Boy – Variety

Books by Adam Mansbach. He quickly learns that the social construct of race is much more complex than that, and sets off on a journey that begins with him robbing white folks in his NYC cab and ends with him becoming a racial demagogue on the run from authorities. Meet Macon, racial discourse has become one of his biggest anry.

Unfortunately, after the first act it goes steadily downhill. Peopled with all manner of race pimps and players, Angry Black White Boy is a stunning breakout book from a critically acclaimed young writer and should be required reading for anyone who wants to get under the skin of the complexities of identity in America.

Now give me your wallet and that lovely tie, asshole, and get the fuck out of my cab… Hurry. In the end, I think I chose the I started reading this right around the time Obama gave his speech on race, so I found this book very relevant to today.

This was honestly a struggle to get through, and the ending was just terrible. Mansbach also reflects the structure of hip-hop in his writing approach, using the beats and timing so familiar to those of us from the hip-hop generation.

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Fueled by his ancestor’s racist past, Detornay tries to immerse himself into black life and culture so much that his whiteness becomes irrelevant. Or should we seek redress, judging the past by present-day standards? I was not familiar with this book, or it’s author but saw it on the bookshelf of an AirBnb that my wife and I stayed at in New Haven, CT, the weekend we met our future daughter-in-law’s parents officially for the first time, and to attend a Yale Tailgate Football game – vs.

Apr 21, Izetta Autumn rated it really liked it Shelves: Mansbach also reflects the structure of hip-hop in A good friend gave me this book – said I had to read it, she didn’t know what to think. This bugs Detornay even more than the sense of privilege he is ostensibly hijacking.

May 26, Janet rated it it was amazing.

Angry Black White Boy

Trivia About Angry Black White Still worth checking out. Political plotting has become a national pastime in Britain. It is, save a few scenes, not a novel that will “have you on the edge of your seat.

But in Amerikan history, it is the day that LA, CA had a meltdown over the acquittal of the white police officers over the Rodney King verdict, and is the seminal event in young Macon Detornay’s life. The ending is a bit weak, which is why Mansbach gets four stars instead of five. Heavy on satire, which I guess is a good way to address an issue that is too toxic in the current nightmare we are living in and I did not like the mansbafh.

Apr 19, Erin rated it did not like it.

In the midst of his robbing sprees he finds he isn’t doing it for the money, but for the anger he has geared toward white America. Aug 20, tim fitzgerald rated it it was amazing. Feb 19, Annie rated it liked it Recommends it for: If you’re looking for a book that is constantly high-action a I thought this book was absolutely phenomenal.


My God but Adam Mansbach can write. Dec 31, Kevin Milton rated it it was amazing.

Bookslut | Angry Black White Boy by Adam Mansbach

Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Take a good look. So yes, quite an important social piece, but also an impressive literary work.

Protagonist Macon Detornay, a self-proclaimed “white Bigger Thomas,” spares no one in his all-out attack on whiteness. What fucking color am I? You know that “hey i have a ph. After moving to New York City for college, Macon begins robbing white passengers in his taxicab, setting off a manhunt for the black man presumed to be committing the crimes.

It jumps to different settings quickly with little to no transitions. He solves his anger by committing crimes against white people, even though he is white himself, and getting away with it. But there’s a deeper message about identity, hip-hop and the siphoning of Black culture by white America.

Directed by Sean San Jose. I was pleased with the quality of the writing, although you can tell from the showiness of the prose in particular, the rhyming sections that Mansbach who I’ve met, and who is a pretty cool dude was pretty young when he wrote it, and I was especially glad that he didn’t cop out at the end I won’t spoil.