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Rx with topical Calcium Carbon monoxide falsely elevates the O2Sat reading: Prendisone blocks IL-1 from ,iller OKT3 monoclonal antibody, used to treat rejection Biliary stricture post liver transplant? Usually age ; most tumors are malignant; rare in African-Americans Cryptorchidism: Ratio of CO2 produced to O2 consumed 0. Papillary thyroid cancer What is the most common type of thyroid cancer?

I – cricoid to sternum thoracic inlet II – angle of mandible to cricoid III – base of skull to angle of mandible.

Pass complete!

Dupuytren’s contracture of palmar fascia: Decreased platelet aggregation, vasodilatation, bronchial relaxation What are ppus effects of thromboxane?

Hirschsprung disease – no BM in first 24 hrs, diagnose with rectal bx What is the treatment for a meconium ileus? What is the treatment of liver amebic abscess? Angiosarcoma arising from chronic lymphadema, often as a complication after mastectomy.


Stones form if incr chol or decr salts or decr lecithin.

Resection is treatment absige both. Posterior triangular area in the pharynx between the inferior constrictor and the cricopharyngeus muscle. Fibrosis of blood vessels of transplanted tissue – loss of blood supply What is the mechanism of acute rejection? Sphincters are contracted at rest. Left vagus anterior gives hepatic branch, Right posterior gives celiac branch and “criminal nerve of Grassi”.

What type of cancer is increased? Valveless vertebral veins that connect to internal vertebral venous plexus They allow direct mets to the spine. Bromocriptine or transphenoidal resection What is the pathophysiology of hidradenitis?

Rx with Nigro protocol chemo and XRTnot surgery. Atypical ductal or lobular hyperplasia What is the FEV1 required for a: Alveolar macrophages What is the first sign of malignant hyperthermia? Congenital abd wall defect, intrauterine rupture of umbilical cord, no associated defects, lateral right defect, no sac.

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What does manometry showing normal LES tone but strong unorganized contractions suggest? Posterior triangular area in the pharynx between the inferior constrictor and the cricopharyngeus muscle What is a painless mass on the roof of the mouth?

Herceptin now available for Rx. STSG blood supply by imbibition 1st few days, then neovascularization days capillary ingrowth Flap necrosis: Greater auricular nerve – numbness over lower portion of auricle How does clopidogrel Plavix affect platelets? Increase in end-tidal CO2 What is the treatment for malignant hyperthermia Dantrolene What is the first muscle to recover from paralytics?


DVT and Endometrial cancer Ret proto-oncogene is diagnostic for what? Decreased adherence of exposed collagen. NaK 4, Ca 2. Myofibroblasts What is the principal collagen late in scar?

Low in Ehler-Danlos; IV: Von Willebrand’s Disease autosomal dominant What is the pathophysiology of Glanzman’s thombasthenia? ADP receptor antagonist What is the most common cause of a spontaneous intestinal fistula? Associated with ischemic gut, decr splanchnic flow.

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Fat emboli; Sudan urine stain for fat What are traumatic diaphragm injuries usually located? What is the cause of unilateral nasal obstruction and recurrent epistaxis in a teen male?

Acute cervical spinal cord injury characterized by bilateral loss of upper extremity klller, pain, and temperature; legs relatively spared. CMV What is the mechanism of azathioprine Imuran?